Lisa PR quoted in CEO Blog Nation Article

“On May 3, 2013, I was quoted in CEO Blog Nation’s article, ‘Best Method’s For Women To Assert Themselves in the World of Business.’  Please read my excerpt, below, and/or find the whole article here:

Find a female role model/mentor

As a woman and the owner of Lisa PR, a Marketing & PR consulting company for professionals and small businesses, I can tell you that there are many great ways for women to assert themselves in business. Some of my TOP recommendations include: (1) Find a female role model and/or mentor. Shadow this woman and see what you can learn from her and apply to your own life; (2) Join the board of an organization that you are passionate about, and truly get involved. This is a fantastic way to give back and to network; (3) Join a group with other like-minded women, such as Broads Circle, which is a network of elite female professionals that focuses on taking women to the next and highest level in business; (4) Create and maintain an up-to-date and professional Linkedin profile. Post your achievements frequently; join groups and add value to discussions; start your own group and create a following; (5) Look for places that you can speak. This develops your credibility in your field and puts you in front of a targeted audience; (6) Read books on leadership. Enroll in leadership courses. Always strive to better yourself!

Thanks to Lisa Elkan, Lisa PR