LISA PR Client Mika Hilaire Announces Grand Opening of Her Law Firm, Equal Rights Law Group

Congratulations to my client, Mika Hilaire, on the grand opening of her law firm, Equal Rights Law Group. Ms. Hilaire’s practice focuses on representing the interests of employees throughout California and the United States, in a wide range of matters related to employment law and litigation, including:

Civil Rights Law
Employment Litigation
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Assault
Pregnancy Accommodations and Rights
Wage-and-hour disputes
Wrongful Termination
Negotiating Employment Contracts
Breach of contract
Invasion of privacy
Workplace Investigations

In addition to Ms. Hilaire’s representation of clients, she also provides employment-related counsel. She regularly assists clients in contract negotiations, workplace negotiations, and offers training on a variety of topics, such as sexual harassment and discrimination.

For more information, please visit her website: