Lisa PR Client Named A Trusted Advisor 2023 Future of Business Management Honoree

Thrilled for my client, Belva Anakwenze, the Principal of Abacus Financial Business Management, who has been chosen as an HONOREE on Trusted Advisor’s ‘Future of Business Management’ list which came out on January 04, 2023. The list is an all-encompassing collection of business managers who represent the ever-changing and exciting future of business management in the entertainment industry. Honorees are “talented, hardworking, and innovative professionals who share decades of experience and are still bringing unique ideas to the table to change the industry.”

Link to the list:

Belva Anakwenze has been serving as a trusted advisor for many in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years. She is a financial educator and trusted Entertainment Business Manager for creatives, many of whom come from traditionally marginalized communities, as well as the writer and host of ‘The Earn’ Up – in partnership with Patreon. Belva is recognized for her high touch, concierge approach to fiscal responsibility, and growth.

About Trusted Advisor:
Trusted Advisor is the dedicated forum for advisors of high-net-worth clients in the entertainment space, reaching a tight-knit and exclusive group of professionals with A-list celebrity clients, musicians, professional athletes, influencers, creators and producers. Membership includes leading business managers, music managers, entertainment attorneys, wealth managers and family offices.